Translating your content into a foreign language is no longer just a fancy luxury enjoyed by the biggest YouTube channels, it is slowly becoming a reality and a savvy investment for a lot of smaller creators as well.

People all around the world are looking for great content, so you…

Growing up in the post-communist Poland did not provide a tremendous variety of entertainment, but we did have TV, and oh boy, did we watch a lot of it. Two funny things about national TVs in the Eastern Bloc:

  1. They had very specific deals for certain movies titles, and had…

Whether you are a religious person that believes in the Tower of Babel and the origin myth explaining why people speak different languages, or not, there is no denying that as much as languages are beautiful and unique creations, they can also prove to be a difficult barrier for content…

Adam Franek

Head of Partnerships @ unilingo - unlock your global audience.

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