Dubbing vs subtitles on YouTube: the never-ending dilemma finally resolved.

  1. They had very specific deals for certain movies titles, and had no access to others. Every 2–3 months you could count on seeing a Liberator with Steven Seagal, or perhaps if you were more of a 007 guy you could repeatedly see the James Bond franchise every Thursday night. The cherry on top was Home Alone every Christmas Eve (and Polish people know virtually every line from that movie). Regarding movies we never had access to — I personally did not see/know about The Breakfast Club or Weekend at Bernie’s until I was 25.
  2. All the movies and foreign TV were HORRIBLY narrated by voice-over “artists”. They were called “lectors”, and no, they were not actors, yet they were reading all the lines in a movie. They were exclusively older guys, with deeper, more rounded voices. There was a clique of maybe 5–10 of them that had complete monopoly over voice-over for every single one of the foreign movies in Poland. The best part? They would read ALL the lines. Yes, you would watch Pretty Woman and the same guy would do voices for both Julia Roberts and Richard Gere (and all the other actors in the movie too). The next day the same guy would do John Rambo, Al Bundy and Xena Warrior Princess. Growing up and watching TV was really confusing, but we did not have any choice.
Dubbing TV and Film in Europe, courtesy of reddit u/whiplashoo21
The world’s most spoken languages, courtesy of Ethnologue/Statista




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Adam Franek

Adam Franek

Head of Partnerships @ unilingo - unlock your global audience.

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